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Eric S. Raymond esr at
Mon Nov 23 03:41:22 UTC 2015

You wrote this:

>I converted the WWW repo to waf and put it on oldtimer in
>  /data/git/www-asciidoc.git
>I will hookup buildbot to build and then install to after every
>Please take a look at the repo to make sure it works for everyone here.  It
>should.  Usage is simple:
>  # waf configure --prefix=/path/to/www/
>  # waf install
>You don't need to install it to view it just go to the build/ dir and open
>index.html it will work fine.

And then this:

>In order to see the site add:
>  nwww
>To your hosts file.
>The source is built and installed after every commit via Buildbot:
>I will enable it after I'm given the all-clear.  This will fix our SSL issues.

You didn't specify an URL to clone from.  I had to figure out that it
was ssh://

One I cloned it, I found that the README still said

>Edit cycle:
>1. Modify the asciidoc.
>2. Run 'rebuild' to generate HTML from the masters.
>3. Commit everything, then push.
>The site ignores the .txt files and makes the HTML visible.
>The HTML is normally write-locked to remind you not to modify it.

even though there is no rebuild script there any more.  Your change
may have been well-intentioned, but because you failed to document
it properly you have changed a setup I knew how to use into a setup
I don't know how to use.

I am left with the following questions:

1. If I modify a .txt file and push it, will the corresponding *.html
   file be created and published?

2. If not, what rebuild step must I perform?

3. Why did the site favicon stop being displayed?  What can be done to
   fix that?

4. Why is waf involved at all?

5. What problem was this solving?  Why were you making apparently
   gratuitous changes to the website publishing machinery when what
   0.9.1 most needs from you is for all the unit tests to work?   
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