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On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 8:42 PM Eric S. Raymond <esr at thyrsus.com> wrote:

> The second (capture test data for every bug where it makes sense) is
> already
> in my goal set.  The first (apply TESTFRAME to other programs rather than
> just
> ntp) is going to be tricky and I don't have a detailed technical plan for
> it
> yet.  I'll look at this again after TESTFRAME lands.

It can be done with a LD preload that precatches the standard library
and/or syscalls.

It has the downside of being very OS specific: pick ahead of time Linux or
one of the *BSDs.

A project to start from for it as inspiration could be libeatmydata,
written by my friend Stewart Smith:

And it's close relative, libhostile, maintained by my friend LinuxJedi:

BTW, giving the libhostile treatment to ntpsec will likely prove to be

> > We don't get any compiler warnings.  Is that because our code is clean or
> > because we don't have enough flags turned on?
> One of the first things I did after the fork point was clean up all
> warnings.
> I'm a bit obsessive about that, having exoperienced too many situations
> where
> serious errors got lost in the clutter.
> We still build with -Wall, so the code really is clean that way.

There are additional warnings that are not turned on with -Wall.  They can
be turned on with -Wextra, which may have caught this because it enables
*-Wsign**-compare and **-Wsign**-conversion.*

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