Serious bugginess on Raspberry Pi

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Wed Nov 18 13:14:01 UTC 2015

Look at this issue:

Neither old nor new ntpq working on our ntpd is quite bad.  Fortunately
it doesn't reproduce on the Great Beast (Xeon running Ubuntu 14.10) so
we're not in trouble everywhere.  I've asked Francis to send me his config.h

Developers, please test this case on your various platforms and check in.
Both positive and negative results are interesting; my hope is that if
we compare enough config.h files it will become clearer what is going on.
The obvious guess is a port problem in the network code.

Now here's the tough part; If I do what's natural and dive in to fix
this myself, the project is going to fall into a pattern that will be
bad for it. TESTFRAME won't get done, and our key-man problem won't
get any better.

Somebody else needs to step up to doing diagnostics here.  The good
news is that this is probably a pretty shallow bug and the isolation
procedure should be simple.  A good know-the-code opportunity.
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