ANNOUNCE: version 1.1.4

Mark Atwood mark.atwood at
Mon Jun 24 01:42:33 UTC 2019

The NTPsec Project is pleased to announce the tagging of version 1.1.4

This release is signed with the GPG key id 0x5A22E330161C3978.

The release was done on the day of summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.


NTS is now implemented. See …​/devel/nts.adoc in the repo.

We thank Cisco for sponsoring the NTS development.

Lots of fixes and cleanups to PPS, both implementation and documentation.

Pthread support is now required. --disable-dns-lookup is gone.

NIST lockclock mode is now a runtime option set by the (previously unused) flag1 mode bit of the local-clock driver.

As always, lots of minor fixups and cleanups everywhere. See the git log.


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