PRESS RELEASE: NTPsec Project announces 0.9.7, with assistance from Mozilla Secure Open Source (SOS) initiative

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NTPsec Project announces 0.9.7, with assistance from Mozilla Secure Open
Source (SOS) initiative


Today, the NTPsec Project announced the 0.9.7 release of NTPsec, with
assistance from the Mozilla Foundation's "Secure Open Source" initiative.

NTPsec is an implementation of the “Network Time Protocol” or “NTP”. NTP is
how the internet keeps correct time, which is critically important for
cybersecurity and for auditing, and is necessary for online finance, cloud
computing, media streaming, data storage, email, calendaring, and for
keeping the clock on your desktop set.

NTPsec 0.9.7 is offered to open source developers and to government,
corporate, and academic IT labs for feedback and code contributions. The
project uses modern open source community development practice, including
Git distributed version control and permissive open source licensing.
Development is driving to a production-ready 1.0 release, and beyond.

NTPsec 0.9.7 incorporates significant improvements in security, accuracy,
precision, visualization, and usability, with assistance, contributions,
and audits provided by infosec researchers and other technical contributors.

For this release, the NTPsec Project worked particularly closely with the
Mozilla Foundation's "Secure Open Source" initiative, who funded an infosec
audit, and with, who provided the audit.

All installations of NTPsec should upgrade, because this release fixes a
number of security issues and CVEs that were discovered by Cure53. More
information about these issues can be found in the NEWS file in the NTPsec
git repository at (, and
at the release announcement at (

We also recommend that all users of the Network Time Foundation (NTF)
implementation of NTP also upgrade, as the audit also discovered a number
of security issues and CVEs in that codebase.

== Additional Press and Media Information ==

Additional press and media information about NTPsec is available at ( and (

The project blog is available at (

== Contact Information ==

The NTPsec Project can be contacted at: mailto:contact at[
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